Hi everyone 😀

I’m Ellie and this is Ellies Bakes, a place to explore all of my experimental bakes.

A bit about me…

During the day I work as a software developer in Leeds, however in any spare moment I have, I BAKE!! I have always loved baking – I can remember the day I discovered food colouring as a child and decided to make multi coloured victoria sponge cakes for brownies and guide camps for about a year! I thought it was the best invention ever!

However as I got older and went to college and university I baked less and less until I realised that I could barely remember the last time I made a batch of cookies or cupcakes! So over the past year I have reignited  my passion for baking and have finally got the confidence to start posting some photos and recipes on my instagram account.

This blog I’ve set up is to share my success stories as well as my failures, and hopefully inspire others to have a go at a bake or two!

Thanks for reading,

Ellie 🙂 x

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